A rain gutter is an essential part of your home. They funnel rain water of your roof and away from your house. Thus, it protects the windows, the sides, the doors, and the foundation from possible water damage. Sadly, many homeowners does not realize the importance of a having and maintaining a gutter in their homes. This is for the fact that they still do not realize the damage that can occur when their gutters are not installed and maintained properly, which can cause the gutter to break, leak and clog. And when they are not properly functioning, water from the rain automatically runs of your roof and stays on the ground near the foundation of your house which can result to bigger and more serious problem.

Rain Gutter

Yes, gutters only do one job. But this job is a very important one. Because when water is not diverted away from your home, it can cause a lot of problems. It can cause leaks and breaks to your foundation which will result to flooded basements and crawlspace. It cause soil erosion to your home which is believed to be a very serious problem due to the fact that it paves the way of many possible greater damage to occur. Water damage can also cause rotting fasica boards in the roofline, and when the foundation is moist because of water, mildew and disgusting molds will grow in the exterior and interior parts of your home. The moist environment also attracts different kinds of insects and termites that are very threatening not just in your house’s structure but to you and your family’s lives as well. A simple mosquito bite can cause malaria and dengue fever which can threaten the lives of a person. Water damage also causes the exterior part of your house to stain. And with that, it also causes the sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete material surrounding your house to crack and settle.

However, these kinds of problem can be avoided. Just make sure that you have a gutter installed in every side and corner of your home. It is also advicable to to have the water directed at least three feet away from your home.

Here are some examples on what a gutter can do to protect your home from water damage that can lead to more serious problems.

Firstly, they do a great job in protecting your home from flooding, especially in the basement. It also protects you from infestation of water breeding pests like mosquitos. It also protects your house from molding by providing an environment for mold to grow and flourish in basements and other crawlspaces. It als protects the topsoil from soil erosion, which is the one the one that protects the foundation of your home. It also protects the exterior of your home from any paint damage which affects your house’s over-all appearance.

Gutters sure are important. Always take into account this safety measure. If you don’t have any gutter installed or your gutter are clogged, damaged and needs repair, immediately hire an experienced gutter installer from a gutter installation in Boise, and protect your home from water damage.